Tuesday, April 17, 2012

fourth quarter blog 1

                                                   Simon The Apostle Simon who was known as Peter was one of the first Apostles. Simon was a fisher on the seas of Galilee along with his brother Andrew. To many Simon was known as the more impulsive one of the group. Simon was one of the two men Jesus first called on to be a disciple. Since he was a fisherman Jesus told Simon and Andrew to put their net around the people and bring them into the kingdom.
     Simon was often called Simon the Zealot. He was called Simon the Zealot not because he was from Canaan but because of his zeal for the Jewish law. Simon spread the word of Jesus around Egypt and Mesopotamia. Simon was known to be impulsive because he was never afraid to speak his mind. Simon was also the one who cut off the ear of a man at the taking of Jesus. When Simon was in Persia with the apostle Judas they were both martyred. Some say Simon's throat was cut others say he was sawed in half like the prophet Isaiah.      Many would say Simon was quick to speak, impetuous and impulsive.

      I can live out the call of discipleship in my own life by telling people about Jesus. I can talk about him with my friends and family letting them know things also learning new things as well. By doing this I am spreading the word just like the apostles did.

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